New Year’s Is a Time for Setting New Goals for Your Home

Group of cheerful young people celebrating Christmas at the nightclub.

When the New Year’s Eve celebration has come and gone, many homeowners use New Year’s as an opportunity to take stock of the previous 12 months and think about ways they can improve their lives, their careers, and their homes in the coming year.

One of the most cost-effective ways to make big improvements for minimal investment is to install new tile floors in your kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, patios or other areas of your house.

Tile is durable, sanitary, easy to clean, and can transform practically any space. Combined with a new paint color on the walls, a tile floor installation can create a whole new look and feel to go along with the new year.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Tile Increasing in Popularity

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of tile flooring over carpet, wood, or other materials. Tile is easier to keep clean and maintain than other types of flooring. Plus, it’s highly durable, so the tile floor you put in this year can last you many years, or even decades, to come.

Unlike carpets or even some woods, tile doesn’t stain easily. It’s also available in a variety of popular colors, styles, and designs.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Tile to Match Any Decor

Given its versatility, you can use tile flooring to create unique interior or exterior spaces in your home. Or you can match color and style of tile flooring to complement existing decors.

At Euro Tile, our tile experts can help you find the perfect tile for your home regardless of your needs. Plus, professional installation helps your flooring last longer and look its best.

It’s a brand new year. Why not make big changes to your home’s decor by getting new tile floors from Euro Tile?  We can help you create the look, style, and comfort you want in any area of your house, indoors our out.

Consider Using Tile in Rooms You May Not Have Considered

santagostinoWhen most people think of tile, they typically think of it as a flooring product for bathrooms, kitchens, and may entry hallways. But there are actually many other places in your room where tile can be advantageous.

But there are actually many other places in your room where tile can be advantageous. Tile can actually be installed anywhere in your home and it will last a long time, improve and simplify cleaning, and add a unique design element to your home that you can’t get with carpeting, linoleum, or other types of flooring.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Basements 

If you have a basement in your home, it’s probably the are that is most prone to flooding. But if you have a tile floor in your basement, the likelihood that it will be damaged by water is much lower than it is with carpeting or other flooring types.

Tile also can be easily heated in cooler weather and keeps cool in warm weather. So you can comfortably walk on tile basement floors all year long in your bare feet, socks, or shoes.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Bedrooms

The bedroom is probably the last place you would expect to see a tile floor. But tile is one of the most decorative and versatile flooring products you can own.

Consider how unique and stylish your bedroom could look with tile flooring. Or add a distinctive tile design to the walls or around the windows in your bedroom for an especially memorable design feature.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Porches and Decks

If you have a backyard where you entertain, a tile deck or porch is ideal for all kinds of weather.

Not only is it easy to clean and maintain, but your guests will marvel at your keen eye for design as they admire your attractive tile deck or porch.

Bathrooms and kitchens go perfectly with tile flooring. But so do every other room in your house!

Ceramic Tile’s Long and Storied History through the Ages

DSC_5940Many homeowners are just discovering the benefits of ceramic tile as a floor covering. But ceramics actually are one of the oldest types of materials, dating back more than 6,000 years.

Historians tell us that the first tile was developed in the Middle East. The word “ceramic” comes from the Greek word “keramos”, which means “pottery”. While the word “tile” stems from the Latin word “tegula”, as well as its French derivative “tuile”.

Tile Fort Lauderdale – First Mosaic Tiles

The first ceramics began to appear in ancient Egypt around the year 4,700 BC. But the art of tiling didn’t move from the Middle East into Europe until around the 11th Century when mosaic floors and panels began to appear.

Throughout history, the way tile is created hasn’t changed very much. Tile is still made from clay, which is shaped, dried and fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. This process creates hard tiles, known as “bisque”, which can then be glazed before being fired a second time.

Not all tiles are glazed. Some are left unglazed, although these are mostly limited to tile colored in the natural shades of clay.

Tile Fort Lauderdale – Popularity of Ceramic Tile

Ever since they were first introduced into the West, ceramic tile has been a popular choice for interior and exterior design among both homeowners and businesses.

Today, ceramic tile is available in a nearly unlimited selection of colors, shapes, and designs. There are plain tiles, decorative tiles, and even mosaic tiles that can be arranged in intricate patterns.

The popularity of ceramic tile has been sustained mostly due to its aesthetic appeal, but also due to its durability and simple maintenance. A properly installed ceramic tile floor can last for decades, far longer than nearly any other type of flooring material.

Modern technologies have helped improve the number of types of tile available today, but the same benefits that made tile popular thousands of years ago are still present in today’s tile.

Tile Flooring A Better Option for People with Allergies

evoquePeople sensitive to dust, pollen, pet dander, and other common allergies have it rough. These materials can easily become embedded in carpets, rugs, and other popular floor surface materials, creating a potentially toxic environment inside the home.

When people with allergies are exposed to the substances that cause their bodies’ natural defense mechanisms to kick in, the result can be sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses, and other common allergy symptoms.

Tile Pompano Beach — Defending Against Allergens

Tile flooring offers a better option for people with allergies because, unlike carpeting or rugs, it’s nearly impossible for allergens to become embedded in their surfaces.

The hard, solid surface of flooring tiles tends not to attract dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens. When these microscopic particles land on ceramic tile, they sit on top of the surface, rather than becoming embedded within it.

That makes washing away allergens with a mop or sponge a simple task. Materials that can cause allergy sufferers to go into spasms of coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms can be easily removed, creating a safer, less reactive environment within the home.

Tile Pompano Beach — Simpler, Safer Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are super easy to keep clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe tile with a damp mop or use a vacuum fitted with a soft brush attachment and allergens such as dirt, dust, pollen, or pet dander can be removed safely and simply.

Most ceramic tiles are also stain resistant. Spills like red wine and other staining substances can be wiped up without any problem. Even if surface stains do appear, most of today’s heavy duty cleaners can remove them from tile easily without damaging the material in any way.

Ceramic tile offers a good flooring option for people suffering from allergies, or for anybody who wants a durable, convenient, and attractive floor surface.

Mosaic Tile Can Bring Life to Any Space

floor galleryOne of the easiest and most effective ways to make a huge impact that can dramatically transform a space in your home or business is adding a design element made with mosaic tile.

Mosaic tile is one of those small things that can yield enormous results. It allows you to create a feeling that can complement other elements of your decor, including everything from the color or your walls to the types of furniture you include.

Tile South Florida – Making a Statement with Mosaic Tile

Today’s mosaic tile designs are nothing like those from previous decades. Visit the Euro Tile showroom in Pompano Beach or browse our website and you will find mosaic tile that is contemporary, sleek, and timeless.

From unique mosaic tile designs that will set your home or business apart to more traditional styles that will improve the warmth, look, and texture of any space, you will find a nearly unlimited amount of mosaic tile options at Euro Tile, the leader in tile flooring in South Florida.

Tile South Florida — Adding Color and  Flavor with Mosaic Tile

One of the biggest benefits of mosaic tile is its versatility. You can use color and texture to add flavor to any space using mosaic tile. Warm colors or bright highlights can draw the eye the focal point of your choice.

Contrast this with cooler, more subtle mosaic tile designs that can tie a space together or make a room or area look bigger and more elegant.

Whatever you want to do with your interior or exterior design, there is a mosaic tile solution waiting for you at Euro Tile. From natural looking to unique, you can personalize your home or business with the many different types of stylish, elegant mosaic tile that we carry.

Your home or business should reflect your personal style. Mosaic tile can help you express yourself more clearly.