Consider Using Tile in Rooms You May Not Have Considered

santagostinoWhen most people think of tile, they typically think of it as a flooring product for bathrooms, kitchens, and may entry hallways. But there are actually many other places in your room where tile can be advantageous.

But there are actually many other places in your room where tile can be advantageous. Tile can actually be installed anywhere in your home and it will last a long time, improve and simplify cleaning, and add a unique design element to your home that you can’t get with carpeting, linoleum, or other types of flooring.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Basements¬†

If you have a basement in your home, it’s probably the are that is most prone to flooding. But if you have a tile floor in your basement, the likelihood that it will be damaged by water is much lower than it is with carpeting or other flooring types.

Tile also can be easily heated in cooler weather and keeps cool in warm weather. So you can comfortably walk on tile basement floors all year long in your bare feet, socks, or shoes.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Bedrooms

The bedroom is probably the last place you would expect to see a tile floor. But tile is one of the most decorative and versatile flooring products you can own.

Consider how unique and stylish your bedroom could look with tile flooring. Or add a distinctive tile design to the walls or around the windows in your bedroom for an especially memorable design feature.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Tiled Porches and Decks

If you have a backyard where you entertain, a tile deck or porch is ideal for all kinds of weather.

Not only is it easy to clean and maintain, but your guests will marvel at your keen eye for design as they admire your attractive tile deck or porch.

Bathrooms and kitchens go perfectly with tile flooring. But so do every other room in your house!


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