Tile Walls in Bathrooms Add Style, Functionality

alpineshineyIf you are shopping for a new house or condo, one of the easiest ways to tell whether builders are cutting corners to reduce costs is to make a beeline for the bathroom.

Look at the shower and bathtub. If it’s made from a single prefabricated plastic unit, it’s a surefire sign that the home was built on the cheap.

Building bathrooms properly requires time and effort. But it’s possible to build a passable bathroom quickly and cheaply, especially if the prospective homeowner can’t tell the difference between quality and cheap construction.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Tiled Bathroom Walls

Master home builders take pride in the finished homes. That’s why you will usually find tiled walls in the showers and baths of well-built homes.

Tile walls look more luxurious. They provide a design element that can serve as the focal point for the entire room and even set the tone for the whole home.

But they also are highly functional. Tile can last for decades without suffering any damage, even after nearly continuous use. Unlike pre-fab plastic shower and bath units, it won’t fade, crack, wear thin, or chip off after only a few years.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Tiled Kitchen Backsplashes

Another way to tell if a home is well-built is to look at the kitchen backsplash. If the countertops ride up the wall to the bare minimum required by local zoning laws and then transition to bare wall, it could be a sign that there were other shortcuts taken during the home’s construction to keep costs down.

But if the kitchen has tiled backsplashes, it’s generally a sign of quality. Tiled kitchen backsplashes help preserve and prolong the kitchen’s usable life. While they cost more upfront, they add both value and functionality the most used room in the house.

If you are looking for top-quality homes, pay attention to the tile work in the bathrooms and kitchens of the homes you tour.


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