Porcelain Tile Offers Durability as Well as Luxury

evoquePorcelain tile is a relatively new type of flooring tile that is denser than traditional ceramic tile but still offers the same elegance and style.

This innovative new type of tile is made from finer, denser clay and is fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tile. That makes porcelain tile harder and more resistant to scratching and staining than practically any other type of flooring available today.

Miami Porcelain Tile — High-Traffic Areas

That’s probably why so many builders are using porcelain tile for high-traffic areas in new commercial construction. It is tough enough to stand up to intense daily foot traffic while requiring less maintenance than many other types of flooring.

Porcelain tile also will wear down much slower than other types of flooring. It can last for decades without showing the slightest deterioration to its appearance. Thanks to its non-porous, extremely firm surface, it is resistant to chipping, fading, scratching, and staining.

Miami Porcelain Tile — Adding Value

While porcelain tile often requires higher upfront costs than less expensive flooring options, it also holds its value much longer. The initial application can often last the lifetime of a high-traffic area in a commercial building without having to be replaced, repaired, or even maintained very much.

It naturally repels moisture, porcelain tile doesn’t require any water sealing. This same quality also makes cleaning up spills simple and quick, without fear or staining or damage to the flooring material.

Miami Porcelain Tile — Just as Many Color and Style Options

One of the drawbacks of porcelain tile in the past was that it didn’t offer as much flexibility for designers and interior decorators. But not anymore.

Because consumers are now discovering the many benefits of porcelain tile, designers and manufacturers are introducing more colors, designs, and styles. Today there are just as many options for porcelain tile as there are every other type of flooring tile.


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