Top Reasons to Replace Your Flooring in Pompano Beach

Baldocer 22Flooring is one of those things that is easy to take for granted. In some cases, the same flooring has been in place for many years, even for decades.

Most people don’t think about flooring unless it is a part of new construction. But there actually are enormous benefits for updating your flooring in your home’s existing spaces.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Changing Circumstances

One reason to update your flooring could have to do with life changes. For example, if you are having children for the first time or your young children are getting older, you may want to consider changing to a flooring that offers more durability and is easier to keep clean.

Many parents will replace carpeting in high traffic areas when children become part of their lives. Similarly, “empty nesters” may want to replace more practical flooring choices with something more luxurious once their children are grown and move out of the home.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Styles Change

Another good reason to install new flooring has to do with fashion. Flooring styles that were popular 30 or 40 years ago look dated and out of place now.

If you still have ’70s shag carpeting in your living room or other out of date flooring, it’s probably time to update to something more with the times.

Flooring Pompano Beach — Improving Your Home’s Value

If you are planning on putting your home on the market anytime in the near (or even not so near) future, adding new flooring is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve both the look and value of your home.

New floors are faster to install than remodeling projects. They also are usually far less costly. So you can make a “quick fix” to your home that will make it more appealing to prospective buyers while adding functionality to your living accommodations.

Replacing Tile the Perfect Spring Home Improvement Project

beach girlsYou can always tell when it is spring in Fort Lauderdale because thousands of college students descend on our community for a week of fun in the sun.

Since the 1950s, Fort Lauderdale has attracted Spring Breakers drawn to the beaches, the parties, and the wild celebrations.

For area homeowners, however, spring brings a different kind of excitement: The best time of year for all of those home improvement projects they have been dreaming about all winter.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Fix Up Your Home with Tile

One of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to get the biggest bang for your home improvement buck is ceramic tile.

Now you can add color, improve texture, and make your look like brand new with durable, decorative tile from Euro Tile. Whether you are upgrading a kitchen, renovating a bathroom, or making your home’s entryway more dramatic, beautiful new tile is the answer you have been seeking.

Euro Tile has the colors, the styles, and the prices you want to fix up your home for spring.

Tile Fort Lauderdale — Renew Your Home for Spring

Spring is the best time of year for a home improvement project like adding tile to your floors, walls, or other areas of your home. While nature is waking up from its winter slumber to a new season of growth and rebirth, you can add new life to your home with colorful, decorative tile.

And while thousands of college students are celebrating Spring Break along Fort Lauderdale’s famed beaches, you can give your home the break this spring that it desperately needs by adding top-quality, affordable tile from Euro Tile.

This spring, wake up your home with a stunningly effective home improvement project. Add new tile from Euro Tile to your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, back patio or other areas of your home.

Tile Is the Safer Alternative for Your Family

child girl and her mother playing together with toysToday’s tile comes in a wide variety of colors and pattern, making it one of the most decorative choices for floors, walls, and interior design.

But tile isn’t just popular because it looks amazing, lasts a long time, and increase the resale value of your home. Tile is also safer for families with young children.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Benefits of Tile

The biggest benefit of tile for families with small children is that it is very easy to clean. Whether you have a tile floor in your playroom, tile walls in the changing area, or a tile countertop in your kitchen, cleaning and sanitizing tiles is faster, easier, and more convenient than practically any other type of surface.

Tile can be sprayed with a disinfectant and wiped clean in just seconds, something that is not possible with surfaces like carpeting or even wood.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Keeping Children Safe

Any parent with toddlers can tell you that very young children spend a lot of their playtime on the floor. So if your floor is dirty from¬†people tracking through with dirty shoes or boots, from pets, or from a buildup of grime, it can pose a genuine hazard to your child’s health.

Keeping floors clean is important for parents of children of all ages, but especially for those with kids who haven’t yet learned to walk. But tile floors are significantly easier to keep clean than other surface types. A quick wet mop, a few minutes of air drying, and the floor is as good as new.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Getting Your Home Ready

If you are expecting your first child or plan to have children soon, the type of flooring you have in your home is something to consider.

Keep your children safer with tile floors and other surfaces from Euro Tile.

Tile Makes Any Cleaning Job Fast, Easy and Convenient

mopThere are many benefits to adding a tile floor, countertop, backsplash, or other areas to your home.

Tile is affordable, stylish, and durable. But one of the biggest benefits of tile is that it won’t easily stain and it can be cleaned quickly and easily using common household items you already likely have in your home.

Tile Pompano Beach — Cleaning Tile¬†Floors

Tile is a hard, durable surface made by heating sand and clay to very high temperatures. The result is a hard, protective surface that is resistant to dirt and staining.

Cleaning even the dirtiest tile floors is remarkably simple. First, remove surface dirt and dust using a broom and dustpan. You can even use a vacuum cleaner if you prefer.

Then simply use a mop filled with warm or hot water — and a little dish soap if you would like, although it’s not always necessary — to pick up any residual dirt and grime.

Spots that are stained or sticky can be gently scrubbed using the mophead, occasionally rinsing the mop in the bucket of water and wringing out excess moisture before repeating the process all over again.

Tile Pompano Beach — Cleaning Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are just as easy to keep clean. Use a Swifter or a Dust Buster to remove surface dirt and dust. Then use a spray bottle filled clean, warm water to spray the tile surface before using a cloth to wipe up the remaining dirt and grime.

If the grout between the tiles becomes dark, you can gently scrub these areas using an old toothbrush or even a small scrub brush. When you are finished cleaning, simply rinse with clean water and dry with a dry, clean cloth.

Try to avoid using acid-based cleaners on your tile surfaces because these can fade and dull the tiles.