How to Avoid Spending the Whole Day at the Tile Store

IMG_0696 - CopyWhen many people walk into the Euro Tile showroom, they end up spending a lot more time there than they expected.

That’s because Euro Tile has so many choices when it comes to top-quality tile. There are different tile colors, textures, shapes, and even types. So if you haven’t thought about what kind of tile you actually want, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices.

Tile Pompano Beach — Speeding Up the Process

While we are delighted to have you as our guests for as long as you need to pick out your new tile, we don’t want our guests to become frustrated with so many choices. So we have come up with a few ways for you to make the most of your time in our showroom.

First, it’s helpful to make some basic decisions before you shop for tile. For example, what color tile would you like? What patterns are you attracted to? Perhaps you have seen

Perhaps you have seen tile in somebody else’s home or in a home decor magazine or website. Take a picture with your phone and bring it in with you. Our friendly and helpful tile experts will help you find the exact tile you want from among our many hundreds of different styles.

Tile Pompano Beach — The Measure of Success

Another obstacle for many customers is not knowing how much tile they actually need. Because tile comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s impossible to tell how many pieces you need unless you know how big the area is that you want to tile.

Come prepared for your visit to the tile showroom by measuring the area first. This can save you a trip back home if you have no idea how much tile you need.

Once you know the size of the area you want to tile, our tile experts can help you calculate exactly how much tile you need.


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