Have Questions about Flooring in Pompano Beach? Just Ask!

MR014_2Buying new tile or other types of flooring is something most people don’t do every day. In fact, most people may not even do it once in their lifetime.

So if you need to put new flooring in your home or business, odds are you are going to have a lot of questions. So where can you turn to get the answers you need?

The flooring professionals at Euro Tile work with homeowners, project managers, building contractors, and flooring installers all day every day. So you could say we know a lot about tile and other popular types of flooring.

When it comes to questions about flooring in Pompano Beach, the flooring professionals at Euro Tile have the answers you want.

Flooring in Pompano Beach — Don’t Be Shy

At Euro Tile, you never have to worry about bothering us with questions or asking a question that is dumb or trivial. We work with tile and other types of flooring every day. So we love talking about it.

We can answer any and every question you might have regarding different types of flooring. We can even make recommendations based on the type of space you need flooring for, your budget, and your design ideas.

There’s no better resource for answers about tile and other types of flooring in Pompano Beach than the experts at Euro Tile. We are always happy to talk to anybody about flooring. In fact, it’s all we do!

Flooring in Pompano Beach — Call Euro Tile Today

So if you have questions about flooring in Pompano Beach, call the experts at Euro Tile today. Or better yet, stop by our showroom so we can show you our huge selection of tile and other attractive flooring options for your home or business.

At Euro Tile, we love talking about tile and it shows. Come in and see for yourself.

When It Comes to Tile Samples, the Bigger the Better

pic3People buying new tile for their home or office often make the mistake of taking a tiny sample of tile home from the tile store.

They think their imaginations are so good that they can use a small, 4″ X 4″ piece of tile to envision what their entire room will look like. Unfortunately, most people’s minds aren’t that creative.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — A Better Plan

A better plan is to ask your tile provider to give you a larger sample. For example, a single sheet of the tile that will eventually be placed on your floor or wall can give you a better idea of what it will look like than a single tile.

You might even consider buying one or more sheets of a couple of different tiles that you like. Single panels that aren’t installed are typically not very expensive. You may even be able to return them later if you don’t use them.

That way, you can place these larger squares down where they eventually may go so you envision it better. Or put them side by side so you can understand which one works better for the space.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Leave the Samples Alone

It’s also a good idea to leave the samples where you lay them for at least a day, if not longer. This will allow you to see what the tile will look like in different light throughout the day.

Leaving the tile samples in place for a few days also lets you get the opinion of other people, including family members, friends, and neighbors. The more input you have the more informed decision you can make.

A single little square of tile isn’t going to tell you very much. To get the big picture, you need to get a bigger sample and leave it in place longer than just a moment.

5 Places to Get Great Tile Ideas

Tile Fort Lauderdale

Tile Fort LauderdaleMost people don’t shop for new tile very often. Unless you are an interior designer or building contractor, odds are you probably shop for tile maybe once or twice in your entire life.

So when it is time for you to shop for tile, how do you go about getting ideas? And how can you tell which tile is best for your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or another area of your home?

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Word of Mouth

One of the best places to get ideas for tile for your home is by looking at tile in other people’s homes.

Family, friends, and neighbors may have tile kitchens or bathrooms that you can consider. Most will be happy to tell you about where they got it, how much it cost, and whether or not they like it.

Another great place to get ideas is to take tours of other people’s homes. Garden walks, architectural tours, and even historical tours can lead you inside homes with tiled areas that can inspire you.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Review the Literature

A great way to see lots of different types of tile without ever leaving the comfort of your own home is to browse through home design magazines.

Or you can save time and money by simply going online and searching for tile ideas on Google, Pinterest, and other sites.

Tile Store Pompano Beach —  The Best Solution

But the best way to get tile ideas is to come on down to the tile showroom at Euro Tile and see for yourself what works best in your home.

Our dedicated staff of tile professionals will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the hundreds of different types of tile we carry in stock. You also can learn about installation options, design features, and much, much more.

How to Avoid Spending the Whole Day at the Tile Store

IMG_0696 - CopyWhen many people walk into the Euro Tile showroom, they end up spending a lot more time there than they expected.

That’s because Euro Tile has so many choices when it comes to top-quality tile. There are different tile colors, textures, shapes, and even types. So if you haven’t thought about what kind of tile you actually want, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices.

Tile Pompano Beach — Speeding Up the Process

While we are delighted to have you as our guests for as long as you need to pick out your new tile, we don’t want our guests to become frustrated with so many choices. So we have come up with a few ways for you to make the most of your time in our showroom.

First, it’s helpful to make some basic decisions before you shop for tile. For example, what color tile would you like? What patterns are you attracted to? Perhaps you have seen

Perhaps you have seen tile in somebody else’s home or in a home decor magazine or website. Take a picture with your phone and bring it in with you. Our friendly and helpful tile experts will help you find the exact tile you want from among our many hundreds of different styles.

Tile Pompano Beach — The Measure of Success

Another obstacle for many customers is not knowing how much tile they actually need. Because tile comes in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s impossible to tell how many pieces you need unless you know how big the area is that you want to tile.

Come prepared for your visit to the tile showroom by measuring the area first. This can save you a trip back home if you have no idea how much tile you need.

Once you know the size of the area you want to tile, our tile experts can help you calculate exactly how much tile you need.

Things You Need to Know about Porcelain Tile

bathroombackPorcelain tile is one of the most popular choices for homeowners renovating or building bathrooms, kitchens, or other areas. Because of its clean look and ease of maintenance, porcelain tile is ideal for things like backsplashes, flooring, walls, and countertops.

Before shopping for porcelain tile, there are some facts you need to know. First of all, there are two basic types of porcelain tile:

  • Through-bodied
  • Glazed

Each has its own unique qualities that make it ideal for specific purposes.

Miami Porcelain Tile – Through-Bodied Tile

Through-bodied tile is made of clay, sand, and other materials. When they are combined and fired in a kiln, they have the same color all the way through, hence the name “through-bodied”.

Through-bodied tile can be left unpolished or polished to a shiny hue. Polished through-bodied tile is more slippery than other types of tile.

Miami Porcelain  Tile — Glazed Tile

Glazed tile is made from clay that is covered with a glass or ceramic layer on top, often creating a colorful, vibrant, or patterned look. They also tend to be more affordable than through-bodied tile.

Because glazed tiles don’t feature the surface color or texture all the way through, should they become chipped, cracked, or broken, the plain tile underneath can show through.

Glazed tile is sometimes covered with slip resistant laminates when used on flooring or other surfaces.

Miami Porcelain Tile — Consider the PEI Rating

One of the most important factors to consider when looking at tile is its PEI rating. This indicates how strong the tile is or how resistant to wear it will be. Low-rated tile, such as PEI of 1, are ideal for walls or other surfaces that won’t get a lot of wear.

Low-rated tile, such as PEI of 1, are ideal for walls, ceilings, or other surfaces that won’t get a lot of wear. Higher rated tile, such as a PEI of 5, can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Mid-range PEI ratings, such as 2  or 3, are usually ideal for bathroom or kitchen countertops or flooring in areas of your home or business with light or infrequent traffic, like the kitchen.

New Tile Is an Investment in Your Home’s Future

Der BausparerFor most people, their home is among the biggest investments that they make during their lifetime. And while their home itself usually will increase in value over time, the money that they put into home improvements is often not recoverable … with one important exception: New tile.

Unlike paint, wallpaper, or even wood, top-quality tile like the tile available from Euro Tile is highly durable. That means that that the tile you purchase and have installed in your home today is likely to still be there many years, or even decades, from now.

Tile Pompano Beach — Decorative and Practical Tile

Tile can retain its value forever. It can even increase in value.

Whether you are installing decorative tile in an entranceway or on the walls of your kitchen or putting up practical tile in your shower or countertop backsplash, the money you invest in that tile can improve the value of your home over time.

You may even be able to recover the cost of the tile — with interest — when you sell your home down the line. That’s not usually true with things like carpeting, paint, or other home improvement materials.

Tile Pompano Beach — An Investment You Can Enjoy

Plus, the whole time your tile is making your home worth more money, you can enjoy the benefits of tile in your kitchen, bathroom, hallways, decks, or other areas of your home.

Tile offers protection against dirt, stains, and the elements. It’s also easy to keep clean and lasts practically as long as your home.

Tile also doesn’t go out of style the way other decorative elements can. So the tile you install today is likely to be just as stylish and luxurious several decades from now.

Tile is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. Not only does it retain its value, but it also serves a practical purpose every day you live in your house.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — How Much Time to Allow

DSC_5915A trip to the tile store almost always takes longer than you expected. That’s because Euro Tile has so many different types, designs, and colors of tile to choose from that it’s easy to lose track of time.

If you are considering re-tiling a kitchen, bathroom, entryway, deck, or another area of your home, make sure to allow for plenty of time for browsing our enormous selection of tiles. You’ll want to see all the different options before making a final decision for your home.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — How Long Is Too Long?

Most people arrive at the tile store in Pompano Beach with at least a vague idea of what they want. They may want to match the paint color on the walls or to fit in with the style of their furnishings.

But what they don’t always count on is that even with one thing decided — for example, the color of tile you want — there are still lots of other decisions to be made. Do you want large tiles or small? Flat or glossy? Stone appearance of something modern? At Euro Tile, there is just so much to choose from!

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Getting In and Out

It is rare for customers to get in and out of our store in just a few minutes. Even if they already know exactly what they want — or are even simply picking up tile they already have purchased — people can easily get distracted by all the other choices at our tile store in Pompano Beach.

And because we are always changing out the types and styles of tile we offer, there’s always something new to see when you visit Euro Tile.

So on your next visit to our tile store in Pompano Beach, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time.

Price Shouldn’t Be Your Only Criteria When Choosing Tile

11_699a-large-luxury-bathroom-tiles-using-porcel-thin-ferrara-marble-effect-ultra-thin-large-format-1200-x-600mm-porcelain-tilesThere’s a lot that goes into choosing the best tile for your home improvement project. Price should be only one of many considerations.

Yet understandably many homeowners approach a kitchen remodel, bathroom updating, or similar home improvement project with a budget. And when they finally get around to picking out the tile, there is only so much money they have to spend.

Tile Pompano Beach — Choose Tile First

Unfortunately, in this case, the homeowners are limiting themselves which tiles they can choose because it comes down to which options they can afford. They could end up with a beautifully remodeled room and cheap tile.

The type of tile you choose should actually be one of the first decisions you make, not the last. That’s because the type of tile you select will probably remain in use long after all the other elements of the room have been replaced.

Rather than getting stuck with having to use an inexpensive tile out of budgetary necessity, a better plan is the pick the tile you genuinely want and then working all the other elements around that.

Tile Pompano  Beach — Tile Lasts Longer

If you don’t like the room’s color, you can always paint. If you are unhappy with your choice of appliances or lighting fixtures, replacing these are and easy fix.

But if you hate the style of tile that you picked out, it’s a much bigger project to rip it out and replace it. Tile is supposed to last for decades. So choosing the best tile first makes more sense than leaving it as an afterthought.

So when you plan your home improvement project, put choosing the style of tile you want at the top of the list rather than waiting until the end when there is a possibility that you won’t have the budget.

Color Coordinating Your The Tile in Your Home

flavour_bagno_berry_det_2_DD15The color and pattern of the tile you install in your home’s kitchen, bathroom, foyer, patio, or other areas will probably influence your decorating decisions for many years to come.

While tile isn’t permanent, it can last for decades without needing to be replaced or repaired. So when you choose a particular color you likely will have to live with your decision for a long time.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Choosing Classic Colors and Styles

While you are free to choose any color or style of tile you like, many homeowners opt to choose classic colors and styles that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

If you choose styles that are the latest fashion or the hottest trend, your home may look up to date in the short run but could look dated in just a few short years.

Traditional colors and styles include basic black, cool white, neutral beige, off-white eggshell, and other types of tile that will go with many different decorative styles, even when fashions change over the years.

Tile Store Pompano Beach — Being Bold with Your Home’s Design

On the other hand, if you want your home to look stylish, fashionable, and cutting edge cool, choose the latest colors and styles of tile. At Euro Tile, we have both traditional and modern colors of styles.

Tile isn’t permanent, just durable. So if you decide to make a bold design choice for one or more rooms in your house, you can always enjoy it now and change it later. Tile can be removed and replaced.

Whatever type of style, colors, patterns, or designs you choose for your home, you can always find the tile you want at Euro Tile. We have one of the largest selections of tile available anywhere for every room in your home, including outdoor areas.

Best and Worst Materials for Bathroom Floors

Miami Porcelain TileIf you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you have the opportunity try a variety of bathroom flooring. Some are better than others.

Bathrooms present a challenge because they are constantly in use, there is bound to be a lot of spillages, and it’s the one room in your house that you absolutely need to keep clean at all times, if only for sanitation reasons.

Tile Pompano Beach — Bad Bathroom Flooring Choices 

Carpeting is probably the worst choice. Not only can it become easily damp and absorb moisture down to the padding, but it’s practically impossible to keep clean in a bathroom. If you must use carpeting in the bathroom, try removable floor rugs.

Wood is also not a great choice for bathrooms. It can easily become damaged by water and moisture.

And when liquid seeps into wood it causes warping. You probably will have to replace a wooden flooring within a year or two of installing it in your bathroom.

Tile Pompano Beach —  Best Bathroom Flooring Options

Keeping in mind that you want bathroom flooring that is simple to keep clean, the best option is usually ceramic or stone tile. They are durable, water-resistant, and come in an amazing array of colors and styles so you can always find one that will look great in your bathroom.

Grout seals the seams of tile from moisture, preventing it from leaking into the flooring or boards below. There are also many types of tile and grout that are designed to repel water.

Tile Pompano Beach — Other Flooring Options

Most homeowners choose to tile their bathroom floors, but there are other good options out there. Sheet vinyl is popular because it offers the durability of vinyl while completely sealing your bathroom floor.

Concrete is becoming more popular due to the wide variety of colors and tints that are now available. But concrete is heavy so it needs to be properly reinforced.